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Why Us?

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Why Choose Ledyard Law

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With other attorneys, you might feel like they are funneling you through the system. Not us. We take the time to understand what you have been through. Each person’s experience is unique and we can use those details to help make your case stronger. With our personal approach, you know without a doubt that we are on your side. With our legal support, you can focus on getting your life back to normal.


Our clients often tell us that they are surprised by how much time we take to understand what happened and how it affected them. To us, that’s just doing our job and doing what’s right. We also take the time to walk you through the steps of your case so that you feel comfortable in knowing what comes next. Then we stay with you until your settlement is paid or a verdict is reached.


Ledyard Law has handled more than 1,000 cases. We will build the strongest case possible for you and do all we can to secure the best possible outcome. Sometimes that means going to court. If we determine that going to trial is an option you should consider, we have the experience and dedication to represent you. By choosing Ledyard Law, you will feel confident that you did all you could for maximum compensation under the law.



Call us at (410) 807-8077 day or night to schedule a free consultation.


How Much Do We Charge?

You pay nothing unless we win.

When you’ve been injured, you may be facing medical costs or time lost from work. This can have a real financial impact on you or your family. At Ledyard Law, there are no costs up front to retain our services. If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay any fees at all. In many instances, you will not be required to pay our expenses either, but please ask us regarding your specific case. If you do win, we will collect a portion/percentage of the amount of your settlement to cover the cost of our services and expenses. Our fees are typically lower than most law firms in the United States. If your case goes to trial, the percentage we charge will increase. Please call us to learn more about our fees for your unique situation.


Your Advocate At Every Step

We fight for children and adults who have been harmed physically or emotionally.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Ledyard Law serves clients in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia.* We specialize in personal injury cases, while also providing general litigation services for individuals and small businesses.

*Ledyard Law's attorneys are licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. We also practice in Virginia through an association with local counsel.


Our Mission & What It Means For You

Our mission is to seek justice for children and adults who have been hurt or injured by the careless or cruel actions of others. We will remain by their sides at every stage to make a complicated process less overwhelming and easier to understand. Every day we will work our hardest to achieve the best possible results for our clients. These results will lead to changes that can make the world a safer and more just place for everyone.